Tokyo Disneyland – Photos, Tips and more!

There is a reason why Tokyo Disneyland is referred (by many) as the “Happiest place on earth”. Whatever age-group you belong to, whichever language you speak, it just doesn’t matter – because one full day spent at this amazing theme park will definitely make you HAPPY !! Without doubt! And, the place has some charm that it will entice you to revisit and revisit again. I have already been there twice (once with friends, and once with family) and I am sure I will visit again.


How to reach Tokyo Disneyland

There are multiple ways to reach the Tokyo Disney resort which comprises of the Disneyland and the Disneysea. One can take a train, a bus or even a taxi. Having stayed in Japan for quite some time, I was comfortable with the train-and-subway routes of the city (Tokyo’s subway-maps might look complicated and a little intimidating in the beginning) and thus we took a train to Maihama Station. Tokyo Disneyland is a five minute walk from JR Maihama Station. A detailed access-map (english) is given here.


Some Tips:

  1. TICKETS: I would strongly recommend everyone to purchase tickets online, which saves a lot of your time while entering the park (Click here for Ticket options and Price)
  2. FASTPASS: Being a Happy and happening place, the amusement park can get really crowded, especially during Halloween and Christmas. Disneyland has come up with the idea of “FASTPASS”. This ‘pass’ assigns you a time window to ride or enter the attraction – you have basically ‘reserved’ your right to enter the attraction at a certain time. So, If your goal in Disneyland is to take as many rides as possible, the FASTPASS is definitely something you should make use of. There is a comprehensive explanation on the official website. (Note: Not every ride has a FASTPASS option – only the really popular ones!).
  3. FOOD: There are many eateries / restaurants in the park, but food in Tokyo Disneyland, like everything else, isn’t cheap at all. With that being said, some of them are insanely adorable and the food being served is absolutely delicious! Depending on budget / taste / mood, a day’s food can cost around anywhere between $20-$40 (¥‎2,000 to ¥4,000).


This brings us to the end of ‘part-3’ of a my seven-part Tokyo travel guide, which I am compiling from my 4-year-stay in Japan. Have a great time at the Tokyo Disneyland and please leave your feedback below.

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  1. NotreBelleFoi

    I love Tokyo Disney! Looks like you enjoyed your time there. You gave done awesome information that I’ll have to remember the next time I visit.

  2. Ushnil

    The pictures came out beautiful and the blog was really informative. I would love to visit this place in near future.
    Well written blog.

  3. Sharoni

    Awww…The pictures and the place looks amazing 🙂 Am bookmarking this page in case I ever get the chance to go!

  4. J Shiva Ramdas

    Wonderful. Very nice. Bod Da u all enjoyed a lot it seems. Happy enjoyment. All the best Ramdas

    • Mainak

      Disney is always great… and for Disney lovers, this is a must visit place! 🙂

  5. Patricia

    Beautiful pics! You have an eye for photography! I have also been to Tokyo Disneyland. I enjoyed the rides, and wish I could have been on more!

    • Mainak

      Thank you!! feels great when such a compliment comes from someone who has already been to the place!!
      In Fact, I had to visit twice to complete all the rides.

  6. Eileen

    I have not traveled to Japan yet, but if I do, I won’t miss the chance to visit Tokyo Disneyland. I have friends who’ve been there and they said it is an experience they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for the tips!

    • Mainak

      Absolutely! Tokyo Disneyland experience is one of a kind and it’s something that everyone will cherish for a lifetime!!

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