“arrey.., mai to aaj tak kisi bhi star-hotel me nai gaya..!!”, (English: ‘I have never been to any star-hotel..!!’) was my reply when Sonakshi had mentioned, “maine kabhi 5star hotel me stay nai kiya hai…”!! (English: ‘I have never stayed in a 5-star-hotel’ )  And, that is exactly how we ended up booking our FIRST 5-star stay!! Also, what could have been a better occasion than starting our honeymoon, coupled with celebrating Sonakshi’s birthday. Since we were starting our trip from Kochi, we booked a 3-night-stay at the Kochi Marriott Hotel.


The Surprise:

      Our stay at the Kochi Marriott Hotel was nothing short of a luxury treat, in fact that would actually be an understatement. The hotel staff went out of the way to make our stay AWESOME, and forever memorable! First, the moment we arrived at the reception to check-in, we were greeted with a wonderful surprise that our ‘room’ was upgraded to a suite The Executive Suite!! Well, an upgrade like that makes your day, and for us, it actually made our trip!!  


The Date:

      Another heart warming gesture by the Hotel was planning Sonakshi’s birthday. While checking-in, I had requested one of the Customer-relation-executive (Miss Grishma, if I remember the name correctly) for a birthday cake at the stroke of midnight and while casually chatting with her, she had understood that we were on our honeymoon. So, right at 12am, we received a delicious cake and to our surprise it was accompanied by a beautiful bouquet and a cute birthday card. And it didn’t stop there. The following evening, we were asked to spend some time by the pool, and the hotel staff utilised this time to prepare the room. When we returned, the sight just blew our mind — a cozy candle-light dinner arrangement in our room itself. And the ‘seafood-pasta’ is the best that we have had.


Thank You!

      And here come the final surprise: the cake, the bouquet, the card and the candle-light-dinner arrangements were all a “gesture by the hotel”!! Yes, you read it right!! We were not charged a penny for it !!

      We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of Kochi Marriott Hotel for the services and the gesture. You made it a truly memorable stay.



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  1. Joses Travel Tales

    Wow…The pictures are awesome…looks like you both had a fabulous time…I am from kochi and lovely to see Marriott treated you guys so well…Hope to stay there someday too “)

    • Mainak

      Thank you Joses Travel Tales. Its great to know that being from Kochi You liked it too. 🙂

  2. Ashish

    Nice pictures. My favorite is the pool, the different shades of blue in the shot are really neat. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  3. hal

    so much to say on this one – congrats on your wedding, happy birthday to your new husband & last but not least i’m so jealous – i’ve never stayed in a 5 star hotel either!

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